Recipe: Love Pudding

Just in time for Valentine’s Day… Here’s a slightly steamy teaser from my latest post on elephant journal.

“Show your reproductive organs some love this month by indulging in some hot steamy vajikaranas!

 “Vaji-what?!” No, they’re not some new kama sutra moves; Vajikaranas are the foods revered in Ayurveda for nourishing your reproductive organs, so that you can go all night long (and make some healthy beautiful babies when the time is right). Vajikaranas, or foods that enhance shukra & artava dhatus (the male and female reproductive tissues respectively), are also great for the production of Ojas, the vital essence that keeps us young, healthy and hot! So not only will this delicious pudding below give you stamina in the sack, it’ll help you look even more radiant when the eco-friendly threads start coming off.

Make this pudding as food love for yourself or for a loved one; you might even be able to sweet talk them into an Ayurvedic cleanse between bites…Enjoy!”

p.s. Vajikarana is actually a whole branch of Ayurveda! Herbal medicines also fall under the category Vajikarana, like Shatavari- perhaps my favorite Ayurvedic herb of all time because of its amazing capabilities for rejuvenating women in body, mind and spirit. If you’re curious about herbal medicine, check out the Ayurveda tab above and consider seeing me for a consult.
Recipe: Love Pudding

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Love Pudding

  • June 17, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Hi Kate, I finally got around to trying this one for breakfast and it was absolutely delicious (made my Vata heart sing). Love your recipes and can’t wait till you bring out your cookbook!


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